What makes you fly? 

Remember that time when anything was possible? 

When you were free to play and explore your possibilities with abandon? 

   Rocket Trike is like that...


A place where your heart and soul can be heard over your head,

so you can find what you really want,

and build momentum towards the places you really want to go.


When you allow yourself to play again, to believe again, magical things happen. Suddenly, those doors to possibility and actualization open up to you once more. You become the creator of your life, which is exactly what you are meant to be. 

Rocket Bot Parties
Fun that inspires. Our friend Gary Hirsch is the artist behind JoyBots (see botjoy.com) and he wants everyone to play. Create your very own joybots and spread the love and joy to those you love.
Rocket Box Parties
Pay It Forward Hearts
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Cafe in Autumn
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Play with RT Studios

Tired of the usual? Looking for a fun and different way to enjoy an evening with friends and learn something about yourself in the process? Something as simple as, yes, you DO have a creative bone in your body or maybe even more? 
Then RT Studios is for you.

Personal Consulting

Feeling like you haven't quite figured out what makes you fly? Maybe a transition is causing you to rethink the question altogether. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur or business owner trying to find your magic. We'll help you find it. 

Brand Consulting

Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more. 

Play with Rocket Trike Studios

Tired of the usual? Looking for a fun, unique way to enjoy an evening with friends and learn some things about what makes you fly in the process? RT Studios is for you. 

Ready to find what makes you fly? 

To break thru with that business you can't quite get flowing? To find your next thing? To find that something "more" that seems to be missing? Personal Consulting is for you. 


Brand and Team

Have a business or a team culture that needs to find it's heart and soul? To find what makes people want to connect with it? What makes it fly?
 Then, Brand Consulting is for you. 

Tired of the same old? Want a workshop that takes you somewhere? A brainstorming session that generates more than something? Check out our workshops, or let us customize one just for your needs. 

Workshops and Brainstorming

Heart Starters

Downloadable fun your inner child
will love to play with and your heart can speak thru. 

Gifts for your or someone you love's inner child. Unique hand crafted gifts made with heart and soul to fuel heart and soul. 


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