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Bring your idea. You know the one... it's been nudging you for some time now.
Maybe it's a book? A business? A product? An adventure? Whatever it is, bring it with you and work with a team to play it forward. It's time to move it from stagnation to manifestation. It's time to create. 


Join Jill Johnson and Kirsten Gunnerud for 4 weeks of exploration that will give your idea life and move it from stop to go. Jill and Kirsten are experienced facilitators who live in the space of ideas, creating, playing, bringing insight and intuition to guide the way and break thru. If you'd like to learn more about Jill and Kirsten, you can do so here

Join us on Tuesday mornings - 8-9:30 am, May 16-June 6 - at the Paint Mixer in Park City. You'll also get two 1-1 sessions with Jill and Kirsten to really catapult your thinking forward. Registration is $300 and space is limited to ensure everyone gets the most out of this process so sign up today! 

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