Rocket Trike Studios 

Parties. Events. Gatherings. Mini-Workshops and More.

Rocket Trike Studios is all about embracing and exploring creativity in whatever form it takes. 

This isn't about how "artistic" or "creative" you are - in fact it's just the opposite.

It's simply about where a willingness to play a little can take you. 

There's joy here. You might learn a little more about what makes your heart fly here.
And you will almost definitely leave with something really cool that you - yes you ;-) - created. 

Ditch the usual. Endless opportunities to play, create and have fun. 

From kids' parties to girls' nights to date night to corporate events to family reunions to mini-workshops and more... 

You tell us when and where and we'll bring all the materials and facilitation to get it all started. 
If you'd like us to do it all - we can do that too. 

Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Want to make it really simple? Trust your instincts and pick the first one that jumps off the page. It works ;-)

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Ready to play? We can't wait.

Park City, UT      Tulsa, OK     Twin Cities, MN       Nashville, TN  |  Tel: 801 201 4443

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