No more "CREATIVE" intimidation...

So many people say to me "Oh, I'm not creative"... and even I - a creativity junkie - put too much pressure on the idea of "CREATIVITY". I have tons of projects I haven't started because I'm questioning whether I can achieve the desired result rather than focusing on enjoying the process. It can be so intimidating! But it's not supposed to be. Creativity can be as simple as putting a doodle on a school lunch note, or using colorful crayons to write it. Creativity can be as simple as finding a new way to look at an old problem. Creativity can be painting a tired wall at home a new, fresh color. Creativity is as simple as letting your heart play a little every day without judging it, just enjoying the play and where it takes you.

You've probably read how good it is for you (and your soul) to keep a gratitude journal and write at least 3 things each day you're grateful for. Highly recommend it. I know creativity is also good for my soul because of how I feel every time do something "creative". So, in honor of Rocket Trike's launch and all we hold dear, I'm starting a creativity journal, right here, right now and sharing it here in this blog because even we at Rocket Trike - who believe so much in the power of play and creativity - forget to use it as fully as we could to enhance our lives.

This blog - at least for now - will be dedicated to our journey to include more creativity in our day-to-day - in whatever form it takes, big or small, the good, bad and ugly. And I promise - there will be some ugly ;-) I'm also going to make a point of looking for more creativity around me and celebrating it. Like Jonnie Hartman's beautiful Christmas windows at the Grand America in Salt Lake City every year (the angel pictured here). What a gift that she shares her creativity so fully with all of us. Thank you for your inspiration, Jonnie!

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