Personal Consulting

Take a minute and think about this... 

Do you need self "help"? Or do you need inspiration and discovery that drives you forward?

Deep down inside, you know what lights your fire. We call that your "magic" and it lives in your heart. With Rocket Trike, you play your way out of your head and into your heart so you can hear it speak. That's when you find what fuels you and learn what doesn't. Things start shifting. More fluidity, more life, more fire, more joy naturally starts happening. Ready for more joy and resilience? For more do and less worry? 

For You

You have a fire within that - once lit, nurtured and prioritized - will guide your way. From getting your business off the ground to a major life transition or whatever you are facing, with Rocket Trike you'll get in touch with what lights your fire and clear the way for it to burn brightly. 

For couples, families, small groups

What if you could each find what fuels you, let go of what doesn't and build stronger connections so you can better support each other? Things shift when you understand each other and build momentum focused forward. With Rocket Trike, you'll create a new dynamic based in honoring each individual's special magic and helping it fly. 



For Kids

Imagine if you'd found - or been able to hold onto - your magic as a child. What if you had that to depend on when the world seemed to expect you to be someone else? Rocket Trike is magical fun that helps create a foundation of self confidence kids can rely on. For parents, this is a magical way to get to know your child on a deeper level so you can better support their life's journey.

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