Here's some of what we've been up to... 

Stillwater Retreats: Transformational Women's Retreat in Bryce, UT, May 2017

What happens when you mix up a breathtaking location, acupuncture, yoga, body mapping, art therapy, coaching, nourishing food, healing water and the power of nature... and then add a really amazing group of women to the mix? Transformation. Every single participant took the foundation of support, play and healing provided and used it to uncover, discover and to create forward . Thank you, to you amazing women! You "brought it" !! :-) 

Corporate Retreat: Team Building, April 2017

Our client had recently gone thru their own dramatic transformation, and it was a long, hard process. This retreat was all about letting go of the past and creating forward. , both as individuals with unique talents and roles and as the kickass team each individual helps create.  Because when each individual takes responsibility for the health and well-being of the whole, the ability to thrive Every single individual on the team is responsible for it, it's health and ability to thrive.

Stillwater Retreats: Transformational Women's Retreat in Sundance, UT, January 2018

Amazing. Held in the heart of Timpanogos, with a view of Stewart Falls, a group of amazing women took time to embrace winter's quiet and explore the seeds they are preparing to sow come Spring. It was magical - and quite an honor - to be a part of their journey and to create forward with such an amazing group. Like the first tulips popping up thru the ground come Spring, we can't wait to see what the seeds you all nurtured grow into! :-)

Create Forward: Illumination, Paint Mixer/Sugarhouse, January 2018

What happens when you bring a bunch of amazing people together to each imagine and create the start of their next chapter? Lots of fun and light and magic. Illumination is all about bringing Light... to life, to manuscripts, to whatever it might be. We played our way into what our future selves want to create and used that to help us imagine our first next steps. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our FIRST official Create Forward event at the Paint Mixer. It was a very special evening. 

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