We are a collaborative of individuals co-creating and inspiring organizations and teams to explore just that little bit out of our comfort zones - where the magic happens. We don't have employees, we bring in amazing people who are right for your team and needs - a handful of which are represented below. Everyone here believes strongly in the power of creativity, play, improvisation, working from your strengths and honoring people's unique gifts. We personally know the joy and massive shifts in performance that happen when we inspire and engage the best of human-beingness and work with that power. We have experience in almost all walks of life and work, and if we don't - we have a partner who does. 

Our Team

Kirsten Gunnerud

Our Sage.

Some describe Kirsten’s ability to unleash what is special and unique about you, your team, your company as magical. She’s this unusual mix of creative and analytical and just has this knack for seeing the heart and soul of things and knowing what needs to happen so you can see it too. Before you know it, you’ve found the gift, that nugget of insight you need to fuel your fire. She views each day as a grand adventure and lives for co-creating moments of inspiration, vision, alignment, action and leap taking – driving joy, engagement, performance and ROI thru the roof. 



Jill Johnson

Our Light

If anyone can bring light to anything, it's Jill. As a child she made a decision to be joyful in life, and she's kept that promise to herself (and us!;-) She brings her unique mix of world class athlete, artist, art therapist, writer, a birth/postpartum doula and women’s rights advocate, hospice/palliative grief and loss counselor, spiritual ceremonies/rites of passage facilitator, outdoor enthusiast, and world traveler to our playground. How did we get so lucky? 

Maggie Harris

Our StrongWoman

Maggie is a master of strengths - as in Gallup StrengthsFinder. A talented maximizer, she thrives in uncovering and leveraging the unique strengths of individuals, families and teams so they can reach new heights. Maggie's unique gift is the positivity and harmony she brings to her work and Strengths-Based Leadership. She has a knack for finding the magic that's there and guiding the way to your discovery of it so you can start living into your full potential - harmoniously.  

Jenny Gentleman

Our Connector 

With a uncanny ability to find the connections in anything, Jenny's the strategist you want on your side. It gets even better when you add her Zen-ness and passion for meditation and mindfulness as a conduit to better performance, creativity and innovation. Jenny's belief in responsibility and what's possible led her to become a unique leading voice in Nevada after October 1, leading the way in opening new channels of communication and evolution in one of the most challenging conversations of our time. 

Lauren Clark Angerosa

Our Adventurer


Lauren is one of those essentials you want with you on any adventure – our version of Bear Grylis. You just know you’re in good hands when she’s around because you are. Her ability to guide people thru the process with kindness, creativity and joy, along with this very clear, direct strength and sense of direction, is something to behold.  It’s no wonder that one of her passions is outdoor adventure and wilderness therapy - she’s a master at navigating the space beyond our comfort zones. 

Aaron Nielsen

Our Play-a


Aaron is one of those people who attracts amazing wherever he goes because he brings amazing wherever he goes. This man doesn't hold back on playing things forward. Start a baseball bat company called Harmony? Why not? Use that company to do amazing good in the world? Of course. Teach people of all ages the value of play in their lives, their work, their community, their everything? A no brainer. Bring the pure joy of baseball back to the sport? Yep, he's doing it. And that's not the only place, but he wouldn't want us to brag about him... so we will in person.

Dillon Fugate

Our Heart

Meet anyone who knows Dillon and when his name comes up you'll see an immediate smile. This is a guy you just want to be around. Full of life and heart and ideas, so many ideas... :-) This is also a guy you know has your back and who won't hold back sharing some unexpected gift that just might take you further down the road to where you're heading - with that smile on your face, of course. A man of an ever-growing list of talents (he takes great pride in diving in and figuring things out) we are pretty blessed to call him a teammate. 

Austin Byler

Our Transformer

Austin is here and ready to make a difference. He has made it to levels of baseball most only dream about, only to find that the dream wasn't quite as it seemed and is now discovering his mission to empower people to find their peak performance thru healthy mind and spirit, cherishing your team and creating cultures people can thrive in. For him, success is about working with people you align with and taking things to the next level - creating the dream together.  You'll appreciate Austin's transformational voice in this world - we know we do.

Kate McElroy

Our Innocent


Full of joy and a deep belief in making the most of whatever might come. It's amazing just being around Kate and that smile of hers. Her insight and intuition is incredibly powerful and transformative for all of us. 

An awesome graphic designer, she brings creativity and collaboration to all aspects of her life and encourages the same in others. 

Libby Bender

Our Explorer


Looking for adventure? Lib’s creativity and willingness to explore and see the world from new points of view is evidenced by the beautiful book she helped create, Oklahoma. Check it out - you'll see sides of Oklahoma you probably never knew existed. If anyone can find the amazing and unexpected in anything, it’s Lib. She also seems to shape shift from author to photographer to brand planner to strategist to creative director to traveler to ____... sometimes all at the same time! 

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