Our Trike

This pic says it all. The freedom and exhileration of the experience. One of the first times in life that we get a true taste of what we can do and where we can go using our own power and some wheels. Our trikes, bikes and wagons become whatever we want them to be, to take us wherever we want to go. It happens at a time in our life when we don't have the mental and social restrictions of what we can and can't do. Anything, absolutely ANYTHING is possible.


When you allow yourself to play again, to believe again, magical things happen. Suddenly, those doors to possibility and actualization open up to you once more. You become the creator of your life, which is exactly what you are meant to be.  

Our Rocket

Rockets don't mess around. They are built for going to the stars. To places unchartered. To places we long to explore. They carry momentum. Lots and lots of momentum. Which is what happens when you start to move into what your heart and soul are really here for. Even if it's only baby steps, things start to happen and the world opens up to you. 

Rocket Trike

Put the two together and you have a pretty awesome vehicle for moving into the life you want to create. 

Our Name: Rocket Trike

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