Corporate Events

Looking for a fresh way to inspire your team? To take "corporate retreat" to a new level? 

From event facilitation to visual note-taking to lighthearted ways to try something new together, we've got you covered. 

 Facilitation and Ideation

Mix some fun and laughter with an intuitive ability to navigate a variety of personalities and needs with a clear vision for the outcome and you've got a great event on your hands. Our facilitators have a uniquely special knack for just that and can take your event to the next level. 

Visual Note Taking

Capturing the work your team is doing thru visuals is an incredibly powerful way to bring it to life, Use this tool to inspire your team to go even deeper and to find connections they might not otherwise see. Post event, you'll find visual notes carry the momentum of your event and drive action on the part of your team.

Play Time

Want to simply have some fun? We've got your back. From the beautiful simplicity and joy of making Rocket Bots who'll inspire for months to come, to playing with improv, to everyone's own personal masterpiece on canvas with our partner - the Paint Mixer - and so much more, we can tailor some fun and creativity your group won't soon forget. 

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