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Here's the thing... 90% of what’s going to drive your success is mostly being ignored. We live in a wild, unpredictable world where things can change on a dime. Vision, a plan, goals and getting busy is just the first 10%. So what's the 90% that takes you to the next level? The less tangible stuff like alignment and fierce skills like imagination, creativity, grit, collaboration, openness, resilience, courage. 

It's time to stop playing it safe, to activate the 90% that takes you to the next level. The real magic happens just outside the comfort zone. You can build the skills it takes to turn essentially anything today’s wild world throws at you into an opportunity to grow, thrive and fuel your flight – and have a lot of fun in the process. Whether it's just you wanting to break free, your team, or your organization, we're here for you. 

Who says the sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon?"   - Paul Brandt


Build your Rocket.

It's time to THINK BIG. 

Create your vision. 

Align your team.

Create your flight map. 

And prep for the unexpected.


Learn how to Fly.


It's time to BE BIG. 

Find your grit, resiliency, creativity and confidence to make things happen and take bigger leaps in life and work.



Break Free.

Mini workshop and ideation experiences for specific, one-time needs. 


Notice More
Let Go


Our secret is right here for all the world to see.

It's so darn, well, simple thanks to Robert Poynton. 

How can something this simple work so well?

Why not follow that awesome sense of adventure and...



We work with you and for you, in the moment and in the context of the opportunities and challenges you're facing. We don't believe in one way, we believe in the power of you finding YOUR way and no longer needing us. We inspire thru real-life practice and experience that builds confidence, skill, joy and engagement. We create a safe place to explore beyond the comfort zone (yes, we see the irony in that, but somehow we do and somehow it works) where you can find your very best within. We work with what works and use it in real life with you (we don't get stuck in conceptual clouds that never hit the ground). Because of this, you quickly find what actually works for you and use it. You start seeing results immediately and wow, that feels good. 


I call Flight Camp our secret weapon.  Not only did FC provide our teams with the thinking tools and strategies they need to succeed on every project, but FC gave them real-time coaching and a creative space for practice which is invaluable.


Over the course of FC this year I watched the teams grow more confident and willing to seek answers outside of the obvious.   Their work got better and their ability to take on bigger challenges improved dramatically.   Working in ideas and creative problem-solving often feels like floating across the ocean with no life-jacket…. FC is that life jacket.  It enables us to look all around for answers without drowning.


In the end, FC contributed to a lion’s share of the new revenue we brought into the agency in 2018. There is no better return on an investment than that.


Mary Ann Mele, Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, R&R Partners

Kirsten's innovative approach is rooted in the belief that every person and every organization is different and there is no "one size fits all."  She takes the time and has the genuine curiosity to understand on a deep level what motivates people and what drives them to excellence.  Her solutions have long-lasting impact.

Maggie Harris, Harris Coaching and Consulting

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For what's essential is invisible to the eye.

RocketTrike is a powerful way to fuel performance and facilitate your way forward. We create space and opportunity for people, businesses and organizations to get unstuck, find what lights your fire and actualize your fullest potential... and, of course, we have a lot of fun along the way. We are made up of incredibly diverse, collaborative people and utilize a wide range of surprisingly powerful, evidence-based tools derived from things like improv, creativity, play, mindfulness, rocket science, physics, movement, business strategy and development, storytelling and so much more. Harvard Business Review says "The Future... is Imagination, Creativity and Strategy." Add some confident action in there and we agree. 

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