Brand Consulting

Ready to thrive? "Brand" runs deeper than marketing communications. Your brand starts in your purpose - the heart and soul of why you exist. Think of it as a compass point - or a homing device. Without it, there's no unified place to aim for. With it, people can find it, connect with it and build from it. It doesn't live on paper, it lives in the culture you create - your self, your people, their beliefs and actions. That's what fuels you and from there, everything grows. 

Insight, Facilitation, Ideation

Insight is fore-sight. Truth, heart and soul are places you can build and connect from. Authenticity and transparency are more important than ever. Our tools help uncover what you can't easily see on the surface. Things like: What your customers really want. What your employees really crave. What your brand really represents and where the possibilities live. 

From bringing Vegas back to Adult Freedom to driving an SUV into the hearts of Porsche owners to re-igniting the soul of a regional hospital, we know the power of heart and soul to building momentum for your brand.

Brand Boot Camp

What if your team could find and focus on what fuels the whole and all the parts, could let go of what doesn't and build stronger connections in just a handful of days? Rocket Trike's Brand Boot Camp is a powerful way to do just that so you can build momentum more quickly towards where you want to be. 



Leadership Consulting and Strategy

Whether you own a small local business, are a key part of a startup, or in a leadership role at a regional, national or global brand, when you know and own who you really are - what your true purpose is - amazing things happen.  

You know your best answers. We just help clear the way you so you can find them, use them to fuel your fire, and to fuel the fire of everyone who engages with you. 

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