Partners and Inspirators

Gary Hirsch

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Gary is the founder of the beloved Joy Bots that inspire our Rocket Bots. He is also an improv master, artist and so much more. If anyone inspires us to play more in life, it's Gary. Thank you, Gary!  

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Dr. Babbie Lester

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Babbie is a Naturopathic Doctor of Chinese Medicine and so much more. She weaves together an incredibly diverse understanding of the world's various healing practices to create her own art of healing, joy and fluidity. She's an inspiration to us all.

The Paint Mixer 

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The Paint Mixer led and still leads the way in bringing wine, paint and joy to Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. One of our favorite locations for workshops and a partner in Corporate Events and more.
We love the Paint Mixer! 

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Nancy Westcoat Garbett 

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Nancy is the co-founder of Corporate Shaman, a global group who's transforming business as we know it thru alignment and energy management. Amazing work, amazing results and we end up with a more sustainable world-wide community of people sharing their unique talents with purpose.

Gunner*Rood Creative

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Looking for an awesome graphic design firm who can help you develop your visual brand identity?

This is the place. 

Juli-Anne Warll

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Amazing photographer, pilot, and animal lover, Juli-Anne inspires us to go for it. From saving her plane and passengers to creating her book DogTown USA to adopting her daughter as a single mom to her SnowPaws photography business, this woman doesn't worry about how, she just figures it out in the moment, usually with a smile. A testimony to living life creatively.

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