Light your fire. Fuel serious results. Break free.  

We live in a wild, wild world where seemingly everything and anything can now change on a dime and yet, our people, our teams, our organizations aren't being prepared or even encouraged to build the skills that can make the most of it. People tend to focus on the tangible stuff, the things they can visibly see and cross off the list, often letting go of the less tangible stuff that is really the difference-maker between ordinary levels of success and extraordinary levels. And by success, we don't just mean financial. Work and life are no longer two distinct things, don't you want to have some fun along the way? Shouldn't work light your fire? Hell yea. 

How much have you invested trying to transform? Your self? Your team? Your company? Only to basically be in exactly the same place you've always been in? Or maybe you know RocketTrike is a business accelerator, and we do what we do so well by finding and unlocking your extraordinary. 

Transformation doesn't happen without serious change. And change doesn't happen easily. It's hard enough to make change within ourselves, much less a team or an entire organization. 


You/your team/your organization already has the power to be extraordinary. We simply help you find it.














Where are you living and working from? 


Who says the sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon?"- Paul Brandt


Plays it safe


"Knows" it all

Makes plans


Sets "achievable" goals

Lets fear drive

Sees limits

Works in Silos

Fixed mindsets

Controls and manages

Is "busy, busy, busy"

Doing "fine"


Thrives outside the comfort zone

Listens, sees

Thrives in curiosity

Takes action


Shoots for the moon

Lets courage/creativity drive

Finds opportunities

Co-creates from the center

Growth mindsets

Empowers and flows

Is effective

Creating extraordinary results



It's time to THINK BIG. 

This isn't your usual brand, mission, vision and values work.
Yea, it's in there, but this isn't about "consensus-building", which gets you nowhere. This is about true alignment and authenticity. It's about getting to the heart of who you are, the soul of why you exist. It's about clarity on where you do and don't live up to your highest aspirations and OWNING it, aligning around it - together. It's about co-creating forward, stepping out of the comfort zone armed with clear vision that inspires aligned action. It's about reaching high, mapping out a territory you're prepared to explore and prepping for the inevitable unexpected that's going to show up.

Mission Planning - RocketTrike style - doesn't live (and die) on that paper on the wall, it actually brings your organization to life because there is something really meaningful and exciting to show up to each and every day. 


Learn how to Fly.

It's time to BE BIG, not just think big.

Your people are the key. Strategy doesn't execute strategy - your people do and all the mission planning in the world won't get you anywhere if your team doesn't have the grit, resiliency, joy, creativity and confidence to make things happen - no matter what unexpected turn shows up (and it will).

Flight Camp is an incredibly unique opportunity to organically and quickly accelerate your team's engagement, growth and results. Working from our launchpad we develop powerful individual and team skill sets by working with your team in real time on the challenges they are facing in that moment - whatever they might be. New tools are immediately tested and applied so your people can find what works for them and use it. We do it with as little as an hour/week, and guarantee serious results. 



Break Free.

Mini workshop and ideation and speaking experiences for specific, one-time needs. 


Notice More
Let Go


Our secret is right here for all the world to see.

It's so darn, well, simple thanks to Robert Poynton. 

How can something this simple work so well?

Why not follow that awesome sense of adventure you have and reach out? You'll be rewarded with an awesome gift from us.



We work with you and for you, in the moment and in the context of the opportunities and challenges you're facing. We don't believe in one way, we believe in the power of you finding YOUR way and no longer needing us. We inspire thru real-life practice and experience that builds confidence, skill, joy and engagement. We create a safe place to explore beyond the comfort zone (yes, we see the irony in that, but somehow we do and somehow it works) where you can find your very best within. We work with what works and use it in real life with you (we don't get stuck in conceptual clouds that never hit the ground). Because of this, you quickly find what actually works for you and use it. You start seeing results immediately and wow, that feels good. 


I call Flight Camp our secret weapon.  Not only did FC provide our teams with the thinking tools and strategies they need to succeed on every project, but FC gave them real-time coaching and a creative space for practice which is invaluable.


Over the course of FC this year I watched the teams grow more confident and willing to seek answers outside of the obvious.   Their work got better and their ability to take on bigger challenges improved dramatically.   Working in ideas and creative problem-solving often feels like floating across the ocean with no life-jacket…. FC is that life jacket.  It enables us to look all around for answers without drowning.


In the end, FC contributed to a lion’s share of the new revenue we brought into the agency in 2018. There is no better return on an investment than that.


Mary Ann Mele, Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, R&R Partners

Kirsten's innovative approach is rooted in the belief that every person and every organization is different and there is no "one size fits all."  She takes the time and has the genuine curiosity to understand on a deep level what motivates people and what drives them to excellence.  Her solutions have long-lasting impact.

Maggie Harris, Harris Coaching and Consulting



For what's essential is invisible to the eye.

We are made up of an incredibly diverse, collaborative group of individuals who know their "stuff" along with the power of having fun along the way.  We utilize a wide range of surprisingly powerful, evidence-based tools derived from improv, creativity, play, leadership strategies, mindfulness, rocket science, sports science, physics, movement, business strategy and development, psychology, ethnography, storytelling and so much more. Harvard Business Review says "The Future Is Imagination, Creativity and Strategy." Add a good cup of action in there and we agree. 

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