Anything is possible. 

You are free to play. 

It is time to explore your possibilities. 

Your heart can be heard over your head. 

The universe is conspiring in your favor. 


Find what lights your fire. 

Rocket Trike is a powerful way to facilitate your way forward. We create spaces and opportunities for people, businesses and organizations to get unstuck, find what lights your fire and to actualize your fullest potential... and have a lot of fun along the way, 'cuz why not enjoy the ride? Thru a wide range of tools - including creativity, play and improv - you'll get out of your head and into your heart, where your best answers are waiting for you. 

Play with Rocket Trike   Studios


Tired of the usual? Looking for a fun, unique way to enjoy time with friends and learn some things
about what makes you all fly?
RT Studios is for you. 


Ready to find what makes you fly? To find your next thing, that something "more"? Want to strengthen a relationship with your child or partner? 

Personal Consulting is for you. 


Have a business that needs to find it's heart and soul? An internal culture that's missing "something"? Looking for a deeper connection with your customers? You ready to fly?
 Brand Consulting is for you. 

Workshops and Ideation

Tired of the same old? Want a workshop that takes you somewhere? A brainstorming session that doesn't hurt your brain? Looking for something customized to you/your group's needs? 

Our Workshops are for you. 

Heart Starters

Downloadable fun your inner child
will love to play with and
your heart can speak thru. 


Yummy stuff inner children love. Unique, hand crafted items made with heart and soul to fuel heart and soul. 

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Ready to play? We can't wait.

Park City, UT      Tulsa, OK     Twin Cities, MN       Nashville, TN  |  Tel: 801 201 4443

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Join us on our adventure to find and instill more creativity, play and flow into each and every day of our lives. 

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