Mission Planning and Flight Camp 

Alone, each is incredibly powerful. Together, unstoppable. 


Build your Rocket.
Maybe you've wondered why you/your team/your company isn't where you thought it would be by now. Maybe you've poured significant resources into all the "tangible" stuff - tech, tools, team off-sites, training, marketing, the list goes on and on... and still aren't seeing results.  It's because the key isn't in the "tangible"stuff that's so easy to justify, invest in to check off the box. It's in the intangible stuff that's so much harder to justify and invest against. Yet, you can't get to the moon, the stars or really anywhere outside this atmosphere without it. 


Think about the Vision it took to even imagine man would walk on the moon, much less to declare that we, the USofA would be the first to make it happen. Imagine the level of alignment across a massive team of human beings that had to happen to realize that vision. A piece of paper on the wall with their company's vision, mission and values statement wasn't going to do it. A few day off-site... not gonna cut it.  A leadership team who wasn't all on board wasn't going to cut it. A culture that didn't invite the absolute best of each and every person's unique talents wasn't going to make it. And yet, this is what so many companies are trying to work with. 


Mission Planning is a powerful way to identify and build your Great Vision, as well as to create alignment because of this process. We serve as a catalyst for you to find your insight, co-create vision and build the roadmap with which to bring that vision to life. With this new clarity and focus, you/your team knows where to prioritize energy and attention, thus creating the confidence and ability to take action that drives results each and every day.
Moon shot anyone? 


How does it work?  

Your extraordinary is simply waiting for you to find it, trust it and take action on it. We work with you/your team to uncover that magic that hasn't been fully realized within you/your organization. This is a process of insight gathering, co-creating and roadmap building - and at the end of it, you will own your Vision because you created it from a powerful place of your unique strengths and opportunities. And you will know how to reach your vision because you will literally be one with it - yes, go ahead and think Star Wars here... there's some wisdom and truth in the power of The Force :-)


Learn how to Fly.

This is not one size fits all, this is entirely built around you and your needs - in the moment. For that reason, Flight Camp is an organic way to dramatically improve performance results, wellness, joy and resiliency in the context of whatever is happening IN THE MOMENT. This is all about relearning the innate skills we all have - our creativity, ability to improvise, resiliency, emotional intelligence - to become extraordinary. 

It’s a powerful way to work thru challenges and learn to seize opportunities as they show up. To not only be inspired, but learn how to take action on that inspiration. To put ideas and tools into practice that not only work, but that transform people, teams and cultures to that place where they can't wait to show up to life and work to create extraordinary forward - each and every day. 

How does it work? 

We'll customize it around you. That said, what works best so far is to meet once a week, for just 1 hour. Each week, we explore a new tool and start to use it in the context of whatever is needed in the moment - so it is tried and applied immediately. The team then uses that tool for the week, explores how it works for them (or doesn't) and we continue to build skills through these tools week to week. We can do this in person, over Zoom or both, and offer ways to stay connected outside of that hour as well. 


Because this is built around the people we work with (sports, schools, non-profits, communications, marketing agencies, sales teams... you name it) and whatever is happening in the moment, the results are staggering. We are even blown away by it. We GUARANTEE this one hour/week will drive productivity, joy and confidence, success levels and so much more to heights you never imagined possible. Yes, we said guarantee. 

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