Rocket Trike for Kids 

What if kids learned to know and love their magic rather than let it go?

Play your way into your answers.

Find the strength to be who you are. 

So you can share your special magic with the world, as you are meant to.

And never lose it, even thru the challenges of "growing up". 

Rocket Trike for Kids is a very fun adventure that helps your kids show you more of who they really are inside. 

When you're child can show you more of what's in their heart, their confidence grows stronger and so does your connection with them. 

Kids Parties and Events

Ditch the "usual" kids' party. We have endless ways to create unforgettable experiences your kids will love.
Check out our idea launchpad. 

Or contact us and let's co-create something fresh together. 

After School and Weekend Activities

Coming Soon!

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