Rocket Trike for Kids 

As kids, we naturally play our way into our answers. 

We throw ourselves fully into the moment and try it on. 

We live out loud and we simply are who we are...

until the requirements of "growing up" start to change who we are, how we express ourselves and what we think about ourselves. 

What if our children could discover, retain and honor their special magic? Celebrate it? 

What if that became a source of strength, no matter what they might face? 

What if we could guide their spirits with a deeper understanding of their special magic? 

What if we could contribute more strongly to their strength and their self confidence because we get them and what makes them shine? 

What if we, as the adults who guide their beautiful spirits, could better understand their special magic too? 

So we could be part of their strength, their self confidence as they grow rather than making them "grow up" outside their "? 

What if... 

Rocket Trike actually started with a dream to help children discover and honor their special magic, so that they could carry that strength with them thru anything they might face. What if we could create a magical force of self confidence and the support of loved ones around us at an early age? 

 "What if kids learned to know and love their magic rather than let it go? What if adults could find their magic again and own it?" What would the world be like?" 

And thus, the seed was born.

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