Gravity Breakaway

Sometimes things just get stuck. 

We get stuck in our ways. 

Stuck in what things look like, how they seem, how they've always been, how we think they should be... 

Stuck in what everyone else is doing.

Stuck coming up with that new, insightful idea for that new product, new business client, new ____. 

Stuck in taking our selves, our work, our organization, our team too seriously. 

Stuck in being stuck. 

Gravity Breaker is simply a way to access members of the Rocket Trike team who will come in with fresh perspective, new tools and expert facilitation skills to get you out of the muck. We have experience in almost every area you could need - from the C-Suite to the ball field, and almost every industry you can imagine. But more important than our vast experience is our ability to break the laws of gravity with you.

Gravity Breaker sessions are customized to the situation and might include anything from a quick call with one of us to a multi-day workshop we put together. Give us a call with what you want to break free from and we'll be glad to put together an action plan for you. 

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