Rocket Trike Studios 

Parties. Events. Gatherings. Mini-Workshops and More.

Rocket Trike Studios is all about embracing and exploring creativity in whatever form it takes. 

This isn't about how "artistic" or "creative" you are - in fact it's just the opposite.

It's simply about where a willingness to play a little can take you. 

There's joy here. You might learn a little more about what makes your heart fly here.
And you will almost definitely leave with something really cool that you - yes you ;-) - created. 

Ditch the usual. Endless opportunities to play, create and have fun. 

From kids' parties to girls' nights to date night to corporate events to family reunions to mini-workshops and more... 

You tell us when and where and we'll bring all the materials and facilitation to get it all started. 
If you'd like us to do it all - we can do that too. 

Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Want to make it really simple? Trust your instincts and pick the first one that jumps off the page. It works ;-)

Inspiring Every Day

Share the Journey

Share the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome in this journey. Join us! 

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See the Results

Every now and then, one of us plays our way into something we share in our shop. Check it out. 

We're all about walking our talk. And so, our latest mission is to live more playfully and soulfully into each and every day. 

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Ready to play? We can't wait.

Park City, UT      Tulsa, OK     Twin Cities, MN       Nashville, TN  |  Tel: 801 201 4443

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